• Highest quality honey at the most favorable price - Istria, Oprtalj - Portole
  • The company offers products Vežnaver of native bees in this region - Istria
  • Excellent products of bees, the original quality without preservatives
  • Products of honey, flowers, acacia and chestnut, the comb honey-honeycomb, propolis and pollen
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Natural honey from the pristine nature

The beekeeping Vežnaver produces natural honey in a preserved nature, clean and healthy in the hinterland of 'Istria

The honey and other bee products bee products are among Vežnaver Portole and Zreni (upper side of Buie, High-Buie in the hinterland north of Istria) in a region which is protected natural reserve of meadows, pastures and woods. Oprtalj - detail

A Scoffi 34, Oprtalj, Istria, family Vežnaver, you have the opportunity to buy honey directly from 'beekeeper.

The family Vežnaver: : "It is an honor to offer only high quality products, quality of bee products in original form and quality, as are found in the hives, or products to which are added only high quality products, no preservatives and emulsifiers ".
Vežnaver beekeeping honey products according to good use and practice the beekeeper.

Highest quality honey
at the most favorable price

Products of honey beekeeping Vežnaver - of flowers, acacia and chestnut honey-comb, honeycomb, propolis and pollen quality products are the best of its kind in the region of Buje, of 'Istria and Croatia, as demonstrated by the diplomas for the quality.

First place for chestnut honey was in the race won by Apikultura Vežnaver The Days of honey in Pazin in 2009.

Gold Medal for chestnut honey was won by the beekeeping Vežnaver (Dario Vežnaver) even in the Days of honey held in Croatia as well in the city of Osijek, at 15. quality assessment of various kinds of honey.

Beekeeping Vežnaver

Honey Vežnaver We, the family Vežnaver, we deal with beekeeping for many years, and this is just a continuation of a family tradition based on beekeeping, however, we dealt with beekeeping for its own purposes.

Seeing that our production is high quality and that we are in practice, in a natural setting, we realized the bees to produce products of high quality ...


Bee products Vežnaver

Honey Vežnaver The company offers products Vežnaver of native bees in this region which is protected and is a natural park with clean pastures, meadows and woods. Due to the location of this place and nature preserved in this company so the products are environmentally protected and guaranteed. It is an honor to offer only products of bees in the form of high quality and original quality!


Oprtalj - our home

Honey Vežnaver Oprtalj is situated on the plateau of a hill on the opposite river Mirna in Motovun.From here you can see all of Istria from Monte Maggiore to Trieste and the coast to the west. Located 378 meters soptra sea level (45 ° 23'N, 13 ° 50'E). Portole is connected Livade and Motovun from the south and the north by Buie. It is a place of karst hills in the area of 'High Buiese ...