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Importance of bee products for health, charitable activities of each product and what they are being recommended

A step towards a healthier life-add to your food even the food of the Gods-honey

Honey is regarded as a highly digestible and nutritious food. S Considering the fact that honey contains a large number of simple sugars, honey is primarily categorized in food high concentrated energy. But unlike other foods high in sugar, honey contains simple carbohydrates - glucose and fructose which are used simply to create energy, and the remainder in excess is stored as energy reserves (glycogen).

Antioxidant activity of healthy honey

Considering the nutrients and energy which could interfere with the normal metabolism of the system's great appreciation of honey as food, probably derives from the fact that honey contains many healthy substances in nature. These substances are called phytochemicals. The honey as a result of such a composition is counted in foods with phytochemical profile, especially for the fact that it contains flavonoids and phenols which have an antioxidant activity. Because of these and also other molecules which have similar properties to the honey are attributed different healing activity. As such it will count only a few, proven healing properties of honey:

Improve the metabolic system
Enhances physical and mental activity
The quality of dark honey help for anemia
Improves the body's resistance by strengthening the immune system
Activities antiseptic, this is good for exterior applications, (such as healing wounds, burns, heals acne and more.)
Helps the body absorb the individual substances (drugs, minerals and more.)
Due to a large part of antioxidant activity has a detoxifying the entire body
It has a depressant

HONEY - charitable activities of individual products and what they are being recommended

ACACIA (Robinia pseudoacacia) Acacia honey

Acacia honey has a refined taste and odor, light color. It has sedative activity, helps with the nervousness, neuroses, bad sleep. It also helps if you have difficulty breathing. Suitable for babies and toddlers from 2 to 3 tablespoons of acacia honey in the tea plant calms the nervous system in favor even before sleep, better sleep and especially for the concentration (especially for students).

CHESNUT (Castanea sativa Mill.) And chestnut - chestnut honey

The chestnut honey carrateristico and strong smells and tastes a little bitter and aromatic. Help for those with digestive problems (stomach, liver, bile and duodenal).It is recommended to heal the ulcer in the stomach and duodenum, yellow for low, bacteria in the urinary tract. It strengthens the heart. Some research has shown that honey chestnut honey is one of the best in the world. Chestnut honey is suitable for cooking cakes and biscuits, honey-hearted, just because it has an aroma like a king.

LINDEN (Tilia platyphyllos) Honey Lime

Lime honey is made from the flowers of the linden tree. Whereas the linden honey favors the sudazione, the use of this honey is recommended for raffereddori, and influences, and also for the elimination of toxins from the body. Lime honey is recommended for those with problems and inflammation of the respiratory and digestive. Lime honey promotes the metabolism, and the flavor reminiscent of linden tea. This honey helps the heart beat and circulation, is not recommended to give it to those who have heart and circulation.

SAGE (salvia officinalis) Sage Honey

The sage honey is made from the flowers of the sage, are harvested from mid-May to mid June. Sage grows in areas with Mediterranean climate, and in Istria on the east side of the peninsula. This honey is one of the best honey, and is very good to restore all types of oral diseases and respiratory channels. It is recommended for those who suffer from rhinitis, cough, sore throat, bronchitis, colds accompanied by a dry cough ...

HONEY OF FLOWERS (flos mellis)

The blossom honey is collected by bees already in the early spring, plants such as dandelion edagli trees, cherry, plum, apple, flowers and other fields, and country.The blossom honey has great taste, rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements. The honey of flowers please everyone, from young children to adults, just because of his tastes. Strengthens the immune system in a wide spectrum. The blossom honey and a little more aromatic than that of acacia, and is easily digested by the stomach. Is collected from more than ten species of flowers, so is recommended for any inconvenience. Suitable respiratory system, calms the stomach, suitable for the development of children at an early age.


This is the part of the male flower of the plant, looking fine. Each grain is biologically unique, and contains everything you need for life, proteins, amino acids, fats, hormones, enzymes, cofermenti, carboidratie, and the secret of life-DNA and RNA molecules, which define the formae sviluppodegli beings living.

What are the reasons for using the powder of flower?

- The dust grain positively affects the digestive system-by improving the intestinal flora eliminates congestion, and decline. A visible improvement it has already a couple of days
- The powder of flower increases blood circulation in the brain so that the storage is improved even
- A non-expected triumph of the recording in case of loss of scalp capelluto.But when the hair loss is caused genetically, the dust grain will not help.
- Treatment with the dust of the flowers has especially beneficial activities in liver function. Dust particles of flower improve the function of detoxification of the liver and with this play a revitalizing activity throughout the body.
- The powder of flower encourages the normalization and the regulation of blood pressure ..
- Except for the normal movement with the consummation of the dust grain can be seen a good circulation in your legs.
- The dust of flower pollen in extreme positively influence the immunity of the organism ..

In a general way the dust grain plays a very good business beneficial for metabolism, is recommended as follows:

- General exhaustion of the 'body
- Stress
- Loss of apetitte
- Liver disease
- Excess fat in the blood
- Eye Disease
- Disorders psicovegetative
- Diseases of the prostate
- Weakness of power
- Difficulties in menopause
- Sports
- Hard physical labor
- Elderly people
- Pregnancy and lactation
- Malnourished people and people with problems of loss of apetitte
- Before and postoperative
- Chemotherapy
- People with allergy problems of medical

Drink and how to dose the powder grain:
In order that our body accepts good valuable substances from the dust of flower, it is recommended to use with dairy products - yogurt, milk. The flower powder to be mixed with yogurt or milk or tea about 2 hours before use. This will dissolve the composition of the dust grain and its substance will take advantage in total.Prepared in this way the powder grain is an excellent addition to muesli, as well as a snack. For consumption adjusted and sufficient a teaspoon a day, or 20 g. The flower pollen or dust is especially recommended for vegetarians, who do not want to use ile proteins of animal nature, sportsmen and the sick (esemp. wound hardly healed after a large loss of blood or a poor power supply), we recommend that you take two teaspoons per day.


This substance is sticky milk, a secretion of the milk glands of bees in the laborious time ranging from 6 to 12 days of life. Contains vitamins of the B complex, A, C and vitamin E, a large number of amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals, hormones and other substances important to the functioning of the body, such as for example number.: It is acetiolin, responsible for the transmission deigli nervous stimuli, brain development and improved memory. Contains gamaglobulina which increases immunity and stimulates the glands of internal secretion, also contains collagen which helps to maintain a youthful appearance The effectiveness and efficiency of royal jelly is visible in the community of bees. The queen bee is the only way to procreate and live most of the other bees at least 30 times. The adult queen bee is fed royal jelly, and can do more than 2000 eggs per day, the eggs are heavier than her at least twice. Royal jelly and healthy human longevity. Royal jelly can help to have a healthy longevity. Under this is that royal jelly can increase the level of immunity do with the human body and this can prevent the onset of various diseases, has propriettà antibacterial, antibiotic and anti-virus. It stimulates the parasympathetic system of the autonomic system and strengthens the secretion of adrenaline from the adrenal gland, increases resistance to stress improves the regeneration of cells and tissues, decreases the cholesterol level, a positive influence on sistena veins, stabilizes blood pressure and improves concentration (acetyl colin - neurotransmittente).

Royal jelly is the only one to penetrate through the membrane and adrenal cleans toxins, as well as through the membrane of the brain where it regenerates the cells:
- Exceptionally effective against influenza and other viral infections due to imunoglobulina,
- Rigerea cells of the pancreas and lowers elevated blood sugar,
- Slows sclerosis and facilitates the process of menopause in the body,
- Help with senility, neuroses,
- Stimulates anaerobic processes and increases energy levels in the body and this also increases the strength and endurance,
- Decreases the level of blood fats, and is recommended as a therapy in diseases crdiovascolari,
- Normalizes blood pressure,
- Royal jelly has anti-tumor effect attributed to an active factor in the 10-HDA (10-hydroxy acid decent),
- Increases the level of immunity and helps people living with cancer to resist with more ease and less discomfort than the chemotherapy,
- Accelerates healing and renewal of bones after fractures or injuries and generally maintains the health of the system of bones and joints,
- Helps maintain and strengthen the hair, skin elasticity and nail - Prevents infections of the genital organs of men and women. Increases blood circulation in the prostate, helps to decrease inflammation,
- Adjusts the lack of sexual energy.

Although they show excellent results in:
- Exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, eating disorders,
- Insomnia and anorexia,
- Bronchial asthma,
- Epatitis,
- Arthritis, ghit, atherosclerosis,
- Kidney disease,
- Slows down the aging process.


Propolis or bee glue is a bee product which was used by people in ancient times, and in recent decades in medicine as a means convenzinale help in therapy (adiuvans).

Beneficial activities of propolis:

The propolis has the carratteristica to be antibacterial for hundreds of different bacteria, first of all for those gram-positive, also affects Elicobatterio pillory the man who causes the stomach and duodenal ulcers. Increases the effect of synthetic antibiotics and decreases the chance of resistance. The anti-inflammatory action of propolis, suppresses inflammation. It also has antiviral effect, for example number.The virus' herpes, fungicide, suppresses the fungi, parasites. The propolis prevents the growth and further expansion of cancer cells, stimulates tissue regeneration, antioxidant, boosts the immune system, analgetico, helps in pain, and it also decreases the endema annestesia local, prevents the spread of germs, cleans and save the liver, stimulates blood circulation, prevents collapse of the blood cells.



Apicomplecx is a mixture of honey, pollen or dust grain and propolis.Come said tuue the charitable activities of honey and pollen proplis are excellent, but when mixed all together, we derive a product of exceptional quality. This product is recommended as prevention for those with a weak immune system, anemia, exhaustion. Recommended for the elderly, children, against fatigue for athletes and also for diets to replace the meal. Recommended for diseases of the liver, and also to release toxins from the body. Help with the flu, inflammation, skin diseases, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, for the view, improves concentration, decreases cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, regulates the nervous system and especially helps in stomach problems and stomach and diseases of the digestive, nervous, migrene, menopause. Pregnant at an early stage helps with the nausea. After the treatment the ulcer in the stomach, to renew the liver, digestive problems, to strengthen the heart to slow sclerosis. It is recommended to take it on an empty stomach or one hour before eating. Take one or two teaspoons in the language (because there is greater movement) here we try to keep as much as possible, so that the body absorbs in the greatest extent possible.

Med i čokolada (honey, chocolate)

Med i čokolada is a mixture of honey and dark chocolate, with a large percentage of cocoa. Excellent as food for a good start, but also for children and adults who do not like honey.


The cream of propolis propolis contains mainly created for dry, chapped skin, for acne, wounds, burns, herpes, hemorrhoids, anal and vaginal infections for, various skin infections caused by fungi, for corns, warts, psoriasis, and various allergies in infants. Spread a few times during the day. Lip salve The ingredients in this balm are: beeswax, honey, extra virgin coconut oil as a natural perfume. We can find it as a cream or balm sticku, the choice is yours. This product is ideal for cold winter days, has a very high nutritive base for dry, chapped lips. Flavors: orange, tangerine, lavender, sage.


FORMS: mom with a child, Maya bee, the bee on the candle, the beehive, the rose, the candle-honeycomb.


Homemade cookies produced according to the recipe of our grandmothers.


Homemade Soap with honey, propolis and casereci oils of lavender and sage. Nourishing and moisturizing for the skin, face and body, essential oils have the ability to be antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.


The stone is actually the home of the bee, and keep them honey, pollen, propolis, honeycomb and this in only the best honey there, as we find in the hive, the comb is cut into small pieces and put it in jars of honey. It is recommended to chew the honey, excellent effect of the mouth, gums and teeth. We recommend that they use people who suffer from various allergies, bronchial asthma and allergice, and also recommended for chronic smokers, because chewing in the mouth is free of any substances that are products of bees in the comb (honey, pollen, propolis).


The creamy honey is 100% natural honey, without the addition of unknown substances. Is produced by the controlled crystallization of the honey fluid, and only a process of crystallization is obtained by simple mixing during a couple of days. This product is known in the world, is used as a cream to spread on bread, and cola.


We know that the walnut is the best product of its kind, contains the most antioxidants, this means that it contains the greatest concentration of those substances that defend us against free radicals and the damage they cause, and these are the diseases. Just for what abbaimo created this product, which contains two natural products (walnuts and honey), which are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, unsaturated fatty acids. This product is used to strengthen the immune system, and power in men. Since the comcentrato of this product is walnut, and walnut contains mostly monounsaturated fats, helps to decrease cholesterol, and the result of this is the decrease of the risk of ill of vascular disease. This is the source of vitamin E protects blood vessels and heart, and is also very good for fertility.

Carratteristiche nourishing honey

Unfortunately, the man feeding the honey has a small role. The honey is considered a highly digestible food and sostanziosos. Taking into account that contains a large number of simple sugars, the honey is categorized in the high-calorie foods. But unlike other foods high in sugar, honey contains simple carbohydrates - glucose and fructose which area can be used to create energy (smaller is the consumption of insulin), and the rest is stored as energy reserves (glycogen). Unlike the honey, sugar in the body until first degrades to glucose and fructose and after which the molecules of glucose and fructose are used as fuel, and any excess is transformed into tissue grasso.Inoltre sugar for consumption does not contain more than the so-called empty calories ˝ ˝, and honey model with other nutrients and healthy. Except as fructose and glucose in honey carbohydrates are sucrose (approximately 5%), oligosaccharides (which arise preserving honey), decstrina (lighter grades contain smaller amounts of 0,5-1%). From all the ingredients of honey contien on average about 1.6% and these proteins are albumin and globulin, which are derived from powder or grain secreted by the glands. The proteins in the honey are read and languinose, however, influence the color of honey during storage and in the process of crystallization (the speed). The honeydew honey cocontiene more protein. Except proteins in honey are also some amino acids, enzymes and others on which they depend to a large extent the changes that occur in it. The majority of vitamins are differentiated by type but we can not count the honey in foods that are a rich source of vitamins. Of all the vitamins honey largely contains vitamin C (about 3.5 mg to 100 g of honey) and the vitamin-B group (niacin, riboflavin, pantoneico acid). In some types can also be found detterminate amount of vitamin C. The minerals in honey, according to the type, we find the iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Of all the minerals present in larger amounts in honey are potassium. The darker qualities of honey are rich in minerals. The amount of water in honey is a very important parameter, because this depends on the quality of honey .. This part is to be around 16-20%. It is also important to mention that in honey there are components of lipids (fats).

Sportsmen and honey

Honey is well known by athletes, swimmers, mountaineers and other sports as an excellent energy supplement. This reputation we can thank the honey to its unique, balanced ingredients, which are integrated components of the action prosuzione and storage of energy. Glucose goes directly from the honey is easily absorbed into the body which provides energy to the body quickly. The fructosino is the metabolic pathway which in contrast to the glucosinolate and a bit slower and causes the prolongation of time for the supply of energy .. Thus, as final effect we have a rapid supply of energy need Startup, which in addition to this there from in a longer period of time a continuous compensation without further fatigue of the digestive system.

Honey as a household

Except for the consummation of man honey can also be used for other things. Some preparations also our ancestors used them, but others are new date. Taking into account that the number of these preparations and recommendations based on the honey are vast and wide, we decided to use only the most famous, or perhaps better said than what we use most.

Preparations and compounds on the basis of honey for respiratory system problems

- A teaspoon of honey dissolved in a cup of hot tea or milk (45 ° C temperature do) helps with the inflammation of the throat where it has an antiseptic, sedative and a stimulant to clear the phlegm
- 2 teaspoons honey, 1/2 cup of natural orange juice and 1 cup warm water (mix everything right) has a stimulating action to expel the phlegm and relieve cough
- 1/4 tsp of pepper powder mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey helps when they are closed respiratory system, and has a disinfectant action.
Preparations for the problems of the digestive system
- 2 tablespoons of honey dissolved in 1 L of water may be useful as a good moisturizing ssoluzione
- A bit of nutmeg mixed with honey helps with diarrhea
- Lemon juice, 1/2 tablespoon honey 2 dl of warm water (mix together) has proven to be a good preparation of people who have problems with constipation, obesity, or hiperacidite (something like apple cider vinegar , but has better results) roorganismi helps the consumption of pure honey

Preparations for use in preparatory

Honey is useful for almost all skin diseases and wounds.
- Research has shown that the use of honey on wounds prevents infection, allows for faster healing, and also helps to eliminate scarring
- a tablespoon of honey, a little grated carrot, and 2-3 drops of milk (stir) before spreading to the face (10-15 minutes of action) has demonstrated an excellent preparation to eliminate acne, smoother skin and in general as a good preparation to keep the skin of the face.

And to finish

Correct or popularly called "healthy" should not be fed only the exclusion of certain foods on the menu, but also the introduction of certain types of food which generally show a positive action on the health of the body. One of these foods should definitely be honey. So, you want to do almenu a step towards a healthy life, absolutely in your power to add the food of the Gods-honey.